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Based on Monty Oum's series RWBY, delve into the alternate world created and onto the land of Vytal - go on missions, and make new friends. Good, bad - Hunter, rebel - In a world of Grimm, where are you aligned?

RWBY Roleplay is a community that welcomes all RWBY fans to join and discuss about RWBY or discuss other anime/mangas you are interested in. We accept roleplayers of all levels.

RWBY News #33
[X]Kiyoshi Rin Icon_minitimeTue Apr 21, 2015 2:45 am by Echo Valorient
Hello everyone!

It has been a while. I was hoping that I could make the site start up again by it's 1st birthday, but that didn't work out.  Sorry for that.

We're moving! Instead of revamping the whole site, we are moving to a new one, this time on proboards. (I apologize in advance if you are trying to read a thread you participated in but found that it has been deleted) The new site is still under development. So, if you are interested and want to get more information on the site like the progress on that, just send a pm to me.

If you are looking for a thread or any threads had been deleted, just send me a pm as well.

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Kiyoshi Rin

Kiyoshi Rin

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PostSubject: [X]Kiyoshi Rin   [X]Kiyoshi Rin Icon_minitimeSun Nov 23, 2014 9:12 pm

[X]Kiyoshi Rin 4758-2038284870

Type:Enrolling Student
Full Name: Kiyoshi Rin
Nickname: N/A
Age: 15
Birthday: March 15th
Race: Human
Aura: Supplementary
Aura Color: Pale Dull Blue

Kiyoshi is of a thin and fragile appearing frame. She possesses an innocent and content expression except in times of duress. For her topmost layer, she wears a simple white collared shirt which is made of thicker material (not see through) and has long sleeves. She wears her weapon on her left arm, one third of the way between her shoulder and her elbow. Her left arm is paralyzed, and thus hangs limply the vast majority of the time, except when moved by momentum. Her lower body is covered with simple gray pants, devoid of any particular decoration. Her shirt is usually not tucked in and she seems to have a somewhat messy appearance. Her shoes are simple low cut boots, designed to be comfortable and easy to maneuver in. Underneath her shirt, her body is thickly bandaged, particularly from her left shoulder down her left arm. She wears simple black socks that stop just below her knees. When walking, she seems to have little presence, seeming to have little confidence, though she does not walk with a slouch.
Another outfit she possesses is a seldom worn battle garb. In this outfit, her regular clothes are worn neatly, with the addition of a suit jacket that matches the pants. Blue tinted silver wrist, ankle, head, and neck guards are donned. These are all made ornately with intricate carved organic shapes.

Fighting Style: A more defensive medium range fighting style focusing on exploiting openings and controlling a specific area. Using wire based traps, Kiyoshi works to restrain opponents, and will shock them or pierce them with needles should they slip up. Against long ranged opponents, she will use her wires to maneuver herself closer to the opponent. At a medium range, she attempts to limit her opponents movement using elaborate webs of wire. Should she be fighting a close range opponent, she works to keep them at range similar to a mid range opponent. However, should they get close to her, she can use multiple layers of wire for defense, and will try to ensnare their weapons. She herself fights through a mix of gymnastics and parkour. She works by playing very evasively as she sets up her wires and then going in for the kill. To fight multiple opponents, she will play very evasively until she can set up an elaborate trap. Her battle instincts are weak, however she fights very strategically, focusing on positioning herself for optimum damage.
Eyes: Dull Gray-Blue
Hair: Dark Gray-Blue
Height: 5ft.
Weight: 81 pounds

Personality: While not brooding, Kiyoshi is a shy introvert, unlikely to actively pursue social engagement. She is very bright and contemplative but somewhat naive. She is prone to getting lost in thought and zoning off quite frequently, as well as taking naps. She always behaves in a friendly matter, but she will only speak her mind and reveal her emotions to those she has established close bonds with. Kiyoshi is hardly  the reactive type, and most occurrences will evoke little response from her unless there is a direct and serious cause (i.e. if her parents were killed). She possesses little enthusiasm for most things, and even her primary life goal, crafting, does little to motivate her. Within a group, she is in no way a leader. She usually tries to keep everything going smoothly in conjunction with the leader’s decision, regardless of her own personal views on the matter. She does not judge others, and in fact doesn’t really care about anyone she isn’t close with. However, should you manage to befriend her, she is fiercely loyal. She seems to have a deceptive air about her, as if she is always holding something back, yet she is honest on major issues if she believes you need to know.

Goals: Kiyoshi desires to become an expert craftsmen, creating incredible new and original weapons, as well as to refine pre-existing forging techniques and create non violent applications for weapon technology such as in prosthetics fields.

  • Extreme Heights
  • Black Cats
  • Water (Swimming)
  • Having to sing
  • Extremely Spicy/Sour Foods

Bad Habits:

  • Falling asleep/zoning out when others are talking to her.
  • Forgetting her disabled arm is there.
  • Humming to herself.
  • Tapping erratically with her right hand.
  • Pulling out and retracting wires without reason.
  • Doodling on her notes.


  • Music with a good (elaborate) instrumental
  • Fantasy novels.
  • Lollipops.
  • Playing around with weapons.
  • Strategy board games.
  • Gambling.
  • Mechanical work.


  • Strangers.
  • Dubstep.
  • Biology.
  • Sunlight.
  • Hot weather.
  • Loud noises (i.e gunshots, alarms, explosions, etc.)

Parents: Kiyoshi’s father (Toran) and mother (Kagime) are a retired hunter and huntress respectively. Both were forced to retire by wounds sustained in battle, her father being blinded and her mother covered in heavy burns. Both possess very strict personalities and are not affectionate.
Siblings: She has three brothers: two older twenty-seven year old twins and a younger ten year old. Her older brothers are a pair, one being a hunter (Rand) and the other being a weaponsmith (Bale). Her hunter brother is dispassionate and distant, the opposite of her twin, so Kiyoshi is more influenced by the weaponsmith. Her younger brother (Lieve) has been in a coma for nearly five years,

History: Kiyoshi belongs to a long and proud line of hunters and huntresses. Both sides of the family have upheld this tradition, leading to a large amount of pressure being placed on her siblings. When her brother Bale chose to instead become a weaponsmith, her family was angered, and it took many years for them to stop ostracizing him. His disappointment led to even more pressure being put on Kiyoshi and her younger brother to become hunters. While Kiyoshi would rather work with mechanical parts, her family forced her to train strictly to meet this goal. Her tutors were harsh in their methods, and worked her mercilessly. Even the paralysis of her left arm as the result of a devastating car crash when she was ten could not deter her family, who simply told her to “suck it up and deal with it.” The same car crash also placed her younger brother in a coma. She continued her training with new fervor, caused by the wrath of her parents should she fail. However, her injury provided an impairment  to her trainers, who were unable to create a fighting style she could use effectively. The solution ultimately came about when she visited her brother Bale and was inspired by weapons he had in his shop. With his help, she created a weapon that she found tasteful. Afterwards, she created her new style through several rough years of trial and error. She transitioned from her earlier style, relying on powerhouse melee attacks, to a more flexible style more suited to her. In the end, she managed to be accepted into the prestigious Beacon Academy, pleasing her parents, though she herself was not overly enthusiastic. She has had little experience with the larger city, and knows very little about how she should actually go about behaving in the city. Going into the city, she has done some research to avoid being completely clueless, but is not prepared for the level of crime and discrimination possessed by the city.

*Patience Level: 3
*Writing Speed: 4
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Miu Furinji
Miu Furinji

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PostSubject: Re: [X]Kiyoshi Rin   [X]Kiyoshi Rin Icon_minitimeSun Nov 23, 2014 9:43 pm

[X]Kiyoshi Rin Accept11

Have fun out there and be safe and make lots of friends ^-^

[X]Kiyoshi Rin Ks_banner
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[X]Kiyoshi Rin
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