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Based on Monty Oum's series RWBY, delve into the alternate world created and onto the land of Vytal - go on missions, and make new friends. Good, bad - Hunter, rebel - In a world of Grimm, where are you aligned?

RWBY Roleplay is a community that welcomes all RWBY fans to join and discuss about RWBY or discuss other anime/mangas you are interested in. We accept roleplayers of all levels.

RWBY News #33
Tue Apr 21, 2015 2:45 am by Echo Valorient
Hello everyone!

It has been a while. I was hoping that I could make the site start up again by it's 1st birthday, but that didn't work out.  Sorry for that.

We're moving! Instead of revamping the whole site, we are moving to a new one, this time on proboards. (I apologize in advance if you are trying to read a thread you participated in but found that it has been deleted) The new site is still under development. So, if you are interested and want to get more information on the site like the progress on that, just send a pm to me.

If you are looking for a thread or any threads had been deleted, just send me a pm as well.

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 [X]Professor Yin Yuling

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Professor Yin


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PostSubject: [X]Professor Yin Yuling   Tue Aug 26, 2014 9:33 pm


Full Name: Yin Yuling (銀幽灵)
Nickname: Back during the days he still wandered as a hunter, Yin Yuling was known as "The Youxia" or “The Silver Ghost”.  Now, he's more commonly just known as Yu, Professor Yin, or Yin-sifu.
Age: 53
Birthday: December 28th
Race: Human
Aura: Offensive
Aura Color: Silver
Semblance: Drift

Judging purely from his physical appearance, Yin Yuling is not the kind of person you would look at and say “yeah, he was probably a hunter.”  Most at odds with his former profession is that Yu is… somewhat on the thinner, lankier side of the human spectrum, a trait that he perhaps tries to hide underneath his loose fitting clothing but is probably only made worse for it.  His skin is somewhat pale as well, an incredible surprise when you consider that he spent much of the middle part of his life wandering in the full light of the sun and moon-- Never burned, never tanned, never got the name of that sunblock but probably should’ve.  His hair, long past his shoulders and turning white with the passage of time, is allowed to flow free for the most part, a small portion usually put into a bun but otherwise unhindered.  That kind of hair can be a liability in combat, though he isn’t the first person to pay it no heed and probably won’t be the last.

These days, Yu tends to adopt a more professional style of clothing considering he is a teacher, something with a vest and a tie, slacks and lab coat to really drive the point home.  However, when he spent most of his days on the road, the hunter preferred something a bit more eccentric... Possibly that outfit is still around, just in case duty calls him back to the field.

Weapon: Ten Moons
Fighting Style: Though Ten Moons, in its secondary formation, does have the capability to fire ‘arrows’ of a sort, they are typically not very powerful and are only used either strategically or as long-range support in a team situation.  Usually, Yu will instead use the defensive prowess of his semblance to try and force his opponent into melee combat and then dispatch them lethally with Ten Moons’ primary polearm form or passively with hand to hand combat.  
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Feels like it was nice and black just a while ago, but time makes fools of us all... and makes hair turn gray.  Most notably Yu has two long streaks framing his face that are completely white-- It looks kind of unnatural.  The professor doesn’t seem like the kind of person who would dye his hair though...
Height: 6’2”/1.85 m
Weight: 161 lbs/73 Kg

Personality: Practically an entire adulthood of wandering and mercenary/hunter work has taught Yin Yuling that not everything will go the way you want it to, and that it is important to remain calm and flexible so you can adapt to these changing circumstances on the fly.  This has resulted in somewhat of a two-faced kind of gentleman-- the same person who may seem to be an endless spring of compassion and kindness may also suggest some of the most ruthless combat tactics and solutions ever conceived.  It’s all a matter of what the current situation warrants and what Yu himself can spare for it.  

Rest assured though that as the world is going to hell around him and he is possibly forced to eviscerate everybody, the Silver Ghost will at least do it wearing a smile.  In the life of a freelance hunter, a person who is your enemy one day might be your ally the next so it doesn’t really do to be more of a jerk than completely necessary; better just to let by-gones be by-gones and be forgiving with second chances.  All of this makes for one of the less strict professors at Beacon Academy.

Best not to press your luck too hard though.  Since both faces are smiling, it’s hard to tell if you’ll get a pat on the back or a kick in the rear when the dust settles.

- To pass down his knowledge to the next generation of hunters!
- ... And perhaps return to a life on the road someday.

- Being Bound in his Actions (such as by promises or contracts): Kinda goes against that whole... free mercenary/wanderer schtick that is so central to Yu’s being.
- Starvation: It’s hard to find food when you’re out on the road sometimes.  Enough to make a man start wondering whether Grimm are edible...

Bad Habits:
- Eating Unnecessarily: See fears.  You can never be too careful!
- Staying Up Late: The moon is quite beautiful in a melancholic sort of way, isn’t it?

- Meandering About: As if that wasn’t obvious at this point in the profile.
- Animals!: Despite hunting and eating a pretty big handful of them at some point in his life.  Or perhaps in light of it.
- Cold Weather: The elegance of snow and a nice winter jacket are far more attractive than anything even a hot beach in the summer can offer.

- Coffee, Beer, Energy Drinks, Any kind of depressant or stimulant really.  Tends to make Yu feel somewhat imbalanced.  
- Hot Weather: There is only so much clothing a person can take off.
- Sandals: You try walking the world without a proper pair of boots on.  Not gonna get far, I would wager.

Parents: Deceased.
Siblings: None.

History: Yin Yuling is a son of the Mistral Region, born to a pair of dust shopkeepers in a town situated near the Sanctum Academy.  Though they were only one store of many, being in such close proximity to a school for hunters and huntresses meant that business was always steady, officials and students coming to purchase all manner of crystals and powder for their various tools.  The Yin family may never have broken the bank, but nor were they ever financially wanting-- the definition of a secure middle-class existence.  It was in this setting that Yu was raised, happily-fed, provided for, and completely free from the burden of survival or harsh environments.  Safe.  

But also extremely boring.

His mind wandered with the possibility of adventure nearly every second, to breach those gates to the outside world and travel it without end, sleep out under the stars and survive off nothing but the land with your own wits and skills.  Of course it wasn’t safe to leave the confines of the town with the Grimm stalking about just outside though, ready and willing to gobble up any person, adult or child, that happens upon them.  So what’s a kid to do?  Become a hunter, of course.

A hunter in training anyways-- Sanctum Academy was the obvious choice and, despite the reservations of a pair of doting parents, even they had to admit that the general education and future prospects of a Sanctum graduate were very good.  That whole… learning to fight and eventually risking your life thing, that was kind of an unintended side effect.  Plus, if your son won’t learn and doesn’t have the mind to tend the family shop then using its wares is certainly the next best thing.  Without putting up much of a fight, Mr. and Mrs. Yin caved and it was off to school for their little one.

There were a few parts of the experience that Yuling hadn’t quite planned for, pretty much anything that involved sitting in a classroom for long periods of time and learning based on books and lectures.  He managed despite those things however, and eventually even gained a respect for them, especially the most fascinating fancy-book-learning-bits like the engineering involved in Foldable Frame Technology and how that all came together to create a truly magnificent weapon.  The amount of science involved in dust was pretty surprising as well, a concept that the boy hadn’t even considered even though he was surrounded by it for all of his childhood.  Where Yu truly excelled however was the area that all rambunctious boys tended to-- practical application, given the chance to run and jump and strike, all his play-fights having suddenly become real.  And though he may not have set any new records in this area, he did earn a great deal of verbal praise from his teachers, a trend that carried forward into his post-Sanctum education.  Happily, the student did continue to cultivate patience for classrooms and books in his teenage years as well, maturing bit by bit and settling down a little after all that adolescent energy left his system.

And so it was, after a number of years, Yuling was certified as an official Hunter.  There was a brief pause in his life at this point, to stop at home and hug his parents, enjoy a home cooked meal and sleep in a bed that he had far outgrown even before leaving for school a decade ago, but after that… The road was calling.  There was a world to see.

… The reality of the situation though was that only two Remnant’s four great kingdoms exist on the same continent as one another, so there wasn’t a lot of ‘road’ to see in the strictest sense.  Even then, walking between those two kingdoms was nearly unheard of, given the incredible distance from one to the other plus the unfathomable amount of danger present from grimms, even for a licensed hunter.  Not even a motorcycle would make the going any easier-- It would run out of fuel long before getting anywhere useful.  Kind of a disappointing result given how much time Yu had invested into this dream... But he didn’t let it stop him, instead traveling from kingdom to kingdom, village to village, farming out his skills and services as a sort of… mercenary/knight-errant instead.  There was still plenty of world to see and people to meet even given those confines, the structural beauty of a new street corner or the natural wonder of a new forest always captivating him.  He built a bit of a name for himself and came to be known as “the Silver Ghost,” taking jobs that took him far away from the safe confines of civilization, not for the money (though there was often quite a bit of it) or the danger (often a lot of that as well), but just for the dream of seeing what was around that next tree, over that next hill, through that next valley.

For more than a decade Yuling did this, travelling on a whim and working in the same way, doing jobs for anybody who had a suitable request for him regardless of reward or race.  He faced countless grimm in battle, analyzing each new species for his own benefit-- The less time spent fighting, the more there was for journeys after all.  So it was only a matter of time before Beacon had caught wind of this vagrant Hunter, a robed champion constantly going off into the wilds for the benefit of others and returning with, among other things, a wealth of grimm knowledge.  A back and forth between it and its kin from the Mistral region revealed some noteworthy academic records as well… Perhaps the Shining Beacon had a bit of work for the Silver Ghost too.

They courted Yu for a while, inviting him to the Academy and sending him off on a variety of missions somewhat as a test of his abilities but also just as a useful way to get things done.  In just a few weeks though, the Sanctum lancer had built quite an impressive track record for himself and a full-time job as a professor was put onto the table.  Yuling’s first instinct was to deny it, and he did exactly that, doing so politely though and exiting on good terms with the officials at Beacon.  However, a brief trip back home to his parents did quite a bit to change his outlook on the situation... They were peacefully aging, the shop still going strong, and while stories of their son on the road always filled them with the ultimate pride of a parent when they trickled back, it also filled them with fear.  “Settle down,” they urged him, not permanently perhaps but just long enough to give the doting Mr. and Mrs. Yin some peace of mind.  The opportunity to teach at such a prestigious school did not come every day either-- passing it up so quickly could quickly become a regret.

Yu considered these words for a night, again lying in his childhood bed with his legs partially off the end, and sighed.  He supposed his parents were right.

So the next day, Beacon gained a new Grimm Zoology and Math professor.  In the years since, the aging gentleman’s parents passed away, peacefully and naturally, leaving the shop in the care of a long-time family friend.  Without the pressure of loving parents worrying for his life at every moment though, Yin Yuling has begun to wonder if he isn’t already too old to return to the road...
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Echo Valorient


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PostSubject: Re: [X]Professor Yin Yuling   Tue Aug 26, 2014 11:43 pm

Hello Professor Yin Yuling,

I have reviewed your application, and everything seems to be in order. I have also read your roleplay sample. It was interesting.

Echo Valorient's Journal
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James Gray

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PostSubject: Re: [X]Professor Yin Yuling   Thu Aug 28, 2014 12:20 am

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Yu Leigenma


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PostSubject: Re: [X]Professor Yin Yuling   Mon Sep 29, 2014 7:14 pm

Our first encounter, was a brief one to me. I didn't get the things you meant, and for that I still don't really recall what was said, but the feeling in the conversation that I paid little to no attention to is there. I love the history, I just wish I could have made mine a bit more "[Insert clever word here]" you'know? This is actually my first time reading over the bios of the members, I'm Surprised that I didn't do this before, and by feeling this way I'm glad that it's like this. Similarities in our biographies are unreal, I find it kewl that someone like me, who very much wants to make his writing creativity flow as well as this composition and other writers do, I'm glad I'm in the damn ball park for range of idea and poetic passion that is joined hand in hand with "Writing Style". I would have chosen some of the key specs you've chosen, for example, I choose Grey, when silver and grey are like my favorite colors of all time, they are blissfully plain, tainted with pale beauty, and I choose a wolf due to loving the night-time sky of Kyotango-shi, Kyoto in the spring nights after the Sakura tree's bloomed, as well as the Hot, dry moon saturated skies of Cairo, and it's probably a great thing I didn't choose the same specs a you for the contrast but who would have known that the contrast would be this similar. As for those "meloncholy" moon's, let the clouds accompany them in the sky, in a fashion so close it looks as if the clouds are hugging the moons curves to fix it's positioning in the sky. Good times . . . good times indeed.

No other place I'd rather be, than in my imaginative reality.

- ~ Stop digging through the stone wall of reality with the plastic spoon of ignorance, just except the unbecoming reality unfolding in front of you and remember that you're powerless to stop what ever trouble that may befall you, your family, and your comrades.
So, say goodbye to the innocence of your youth and the time wasted trying to preserve something so trivial as to have "faith".
~ -

- ~ ~ ~ I guess I'm going to be taking this to the grave, I hope their is a casket big enough to hold me, my sins and my regrets . . and ultimately my priceless memories. . ~ ~ ~ -
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PostSubject: Re: [X]Professor Yin Yuling   

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[X]Professor Yin Yuling
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