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Based on Monty Oum's series RWBY, delve into the alternate world created and onto the land of Vytal - go on missions, and make new friends. Good, bad - Hunter, rebel - In a world of Grimm, where are you aligned?

RWBY Roleplay is a community that welcomes all RWBY fans to join and discuss about RWBY or discuss other anime/mangas you are interested in. We accept roleplayers of all levels.

RWBY News #33
[X]Dusk Corinthian [WIP] Icon_minitimeTue Apr 21, 2015 2:45 am by Echo Valorient
Hello everyone!

It has been a while. I was hoping that I could make the site start up again by it's 1st birthday, but that didn't work out.  Sorry for that.

We're moving! Instead of revamping the whole site, we are moving to a new one, this time on proboards. (I apologize in advance if you are trying to read a thread you participated in but found that it has been deleted) The new site is still under development. So, if you are interested and want to get more information on the site like the progress on that, just send a pm to me.

If you are looking for a thread or any threads had been deleted, just send me a pm as well.

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 [X]Dusk Corinthian [WIP]

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Dusk Corinthian

Dusk Corinthian

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PostSubject: [X]Dusk Corinthian [WIP]   [X]Dusk Corinthian [WIP] Icon_minitimeThu Aug 14, 2014 10:28 pm


Full Name: Tuscan Corinthian 
Nickname: Dusk
Age: 17
Birthday: 10/10
Race: Human
Aura: Supplementary
Aura Color: Lime-Green
Crystal Dreams:

Dusk is a boy of short stature for his age, standing only at four feet and ten inches at the ripe age of seventeen. His hair is spiked in a bed hair kind of fashion and shines a brilliant teal color. His eyes carry a light violet color, reminiscent of his mother's own eyes. Two little blue stripes adorn both cheeks, giving the appearance of a tiger - admittedly, a cute tiger. His clothing consists of a simple shoulderless jumpsuit that ends around mid-thigh, showing of his porcelain skin. His scarf is wrapped nicely around his neck.

Weapon:Veiled Innocence
Fighting Style:(Be descriptive)
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Spiked, shoulder length teal hair
Height: 4'10"
Weight: 110 lb

Personality: Dusk is a very head-strong boy, stubborn in his beliefs and strong in his values. Having grown up homeless and without a father-figure, he deeply cherishes his mother and the sibling his deadbeat left them with. He places family above the law and is willing to do anything to support them, even resorting to stealing.

Despite the environment he grew up in, he is a kind child who has his heart in the right place. He loves cats a lot, especially strays as they resemble him: Someone without a home living on a day-to-day basis.

He absolutely despises his father for leaving his family in such a situation but can't bring himself to stop dreaming of meeting him - to ask him his most burning question: "Why?" As a son, he can't help longing for the attention of a father and grows somewhat jealous of others with a healthy relationship with their father.

Goals: To secure a future his little brother or sister can live in without worry or fear. A future where they can grow up with the safety of a home and the love of a family. 

To find his father and get the answers he need for closure.

  • Being alone
  • Failing to provide for his Mum and expected sibling

Bad Habits: 

  • Tripping over his scarf
  • Drinking all the apple juice in the Academy Kitchen


  • Apple Juice
  • His Mum
  • His expected sibling


  • Prune Juice
  • His Pops
  • Being homeless

Parents: Doric Corinthian(Father); Ionic Corinthian(Mother)
Siblings: Expecting

History: (Be as descriptive as you can be. Where you were born, how your childhood was, etc. This should be at least 300 words.)

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[X]Dusk Corinthian [WIP]
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