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Based on Monty Oum's series RWBY, delve into the alternate world created and onto the land of Vytal - go on missions, and make new friends. Good, bad - Hunter, rebel - In a world of Grimm, where are you aligned?

RWBY Roleplay is a community that welcomes all RWBY fans to join and discuss about RWBY or discuss other anime/mangas you are interested in. We accept roleplayers of all levels.

RWBY News #33
Chapter One Icon_minitimeTue Apr 21, 2015 2:45 am by Echo Valorient
Hello everyone!

It has been a while. I was hoping that I could make the site start up again by it's 1st birthday, but that didn't work out.  Sorry for that.

We're moving! Instead of revamping the whole site, we are moving to a new one, this time on proboards. (I apologize in advance if you are trying to read a thread you participated in but found that it has been deleted) The new site is still under development. So, if you are interested and want to get more information on the site like the progress on that, just send a pm to me.

If you are looking for a thread or any threads had been deleted, just send me a pm as well.

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 Chapter One

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PostSubject: Chapter One   Chapter One Icon_minitimeWed Jun 18, 2014 4:07 am

Maison Curil

A week before the start of school.

Rain fell down from the dark sky and the stars shined brightly regardless of the weather. The cracked moon, in the sky, illuminated the city with its bright light. The streets were quiet in the midst of the night. No cars, no animals, not even a breath was audible. The stores were closed and no lights were on. It appeared to look as if no one was awake. Cars rested on the side of the streets while trees rested on the sidewalk. The time of peace did not last long.

Split. Splat.

The rain that fell from the sky dropped down onto Maison's fair skin as jumped out of the shuttle and into the quiet city. Falling from the sky, she could see a group of ruffians, about four dozen of them, were entering the city and heading towards the closed dust shop. Maison rolled onto the rooftop and stood up at the end of the roll. She looked up at the shuttle just about twenty feet away from her and signaled it to head out into further position. The wind blew against her, sway her golden locks to the side. She sprinted to the edge of the building and jumped off - disappearing from sight, she magically reappeared at the bottom of the building, looking as if she was being reformed by sand. Maison looked to her left and then her right – seeing that the street was cleared, she ran through the wet streets and her boots collided with the water that was left on the ground and splattered the area surrounding the multiple collisions. The sound of her breathing filled the air and she rushed her way towards the last place she had seen the group of men.  


Without a reply, Maison followed the direction given to her through the earpiece she wore. As she ran towards them, her speed remained consistent while theirs had not. The gap between them began to decrease and her golden blond hair flowed behind her and the falling rain was absorbed, making her hair heavier and darker.  Water droplets rolled down Maison’s black jumpsuit and her sweat blended in with the rain that plastered onto her forehead and she kept her eyes focused on the obstacles ahead of her  - this was no time to mess up.  

Maison was still far away from the ruffians who were only a block away from their destination. She was able to see their black and white outfits from the moon’s bright light.  The group noticed her presence and some turned around to shoot her with their guns while others had finally reached the dust shop. Maison still ran towards them at full speed but the sound of a glass shattering entered her ears. She knew it was too late to protect the shop from any damage.

The group barged inside of the building, collecting the dust as fast as they could while a dozen of them stayed outside and attacked Maison while she tried to catch up to them. She wasted no time to try to stop them, now that they were in her range, and she swung her left arm out. With her swift movement, the group in of front of her that was attacking her, began to breathe heavily for air. Their shooting stopped and they looked as if they were suffocating, bringing their arms to their throats and falling to their knees where they eventually passed out, collapsing to the floor. She ran towards the dust shop to catch the remaining members. Continuing to run, Maison brought her fingers to her ear piece and talked into it, ”I got a small portion of the Black Claws, send back-up while I work on the rest.”. Maison waved her right arm out, bringing back the oxygen into the area the attackers stayed.

Maison reached the dust shop, walking over the collapsed bodies on the floor. The group got their weapons out to attack her but she quickly swung her left arm out, watching the same reaction from outside, happen to the group inside.  As they collapse to the floor, her back-up finally arrived and stopped the dust collecting. The members of the Black Claws were getting handcuffed and during that time, Maison stepped outside and took a stroll around the quiet city.

”Another job well done, Maison.”

”Thank you.”

”Took you longer than usual though.”

”Shut up, man.” Maison replied in a friendly manner.

The conversation was a playful one but everything turned sour when Maison heard the words: "Was one of the members there?"

Maison answered in a sharp tone, ”Negative.”

With a soothing tone, the person on the other end of the earpiece gave Maison a reassurance. ”We’ll find out if it’s true. No need to worry ,Maison.”

Upon hearing those words, Maison let out a sigh along with a slight smile at the effort the person gave her. ”We’ll see.” With those words said, Maison took out her ear piece and held it between her slender fingers. She continued to walk around the city.

Rain still fell from the sky and onto the ground. It was light and the air felt cool. Maison took a deep breath, filling her lungs with air. After the small chase and completing her task, she just wanted to enjoy the moment while it lasted. Her random walking led her to the pier and she listened to the ocean crashing. A faint whistling was heard from behind her. A familiar tune she had heard before. The whistling stopped but  an unexpected, yet familiar, voice made replaced its presence.

“Well, well. It’s nice to finally see you lively as ever, Maison Curil.”

As Maison heard those words, she turned around and felt her heart skip a beat. ”It’s you.” Were the only words she managed to mutter towards the recipient.
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Chapter One
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