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Based on Monty Oum's series RWBY, delve into the alternate world created and onto the land of Vytal - go on missions, and make new friends. Good, bad - Hunter, rebel - In a world of Grimm, where are you aligned?

RWBY Roleplay is a community that welcomes all RWBY fans to join and discuss about RWBY or discuss other anime/mangas you are interested in. We accept roleplayers of all levels.

RWBY News #33
Tue Apr 21, 2015 2:45 am by Echo Valorient
Hello everyone!

It has been a while. I was hoping that I could make the site start up again by it's 1st birthday, but that didn't work out.  Sorry for that.

We're moving! Instead of revamping the whole site, we are moving to a new one, this time on proboards. (I apologize in advance if you are trying to read a thread you participated in but found that it has been deleted) The new site is still under development. So, if you are interested and want to get more information on the site like the progress on that, just send a pm to me.

If you are looking for a thread or any threads had been deleted, just send me a pm as well.

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 RWBY News #6

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Aeryn Dais

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PostSubject: RWBY News #6   Tue Jun 03, 2014 12:50 am

Hello everyone. James and I are going to be gone for a while, working on things for the site, outside of the site. [Creating new graphics, making the storyline, completing list of Beacon's staff and their staff page.] We are essentially working on things for site but just will not actually be going on the site until everything/majority of the things we worked on is complete. If you need me ASAP, just tell Echo since she bugs me about the site in real life. If you have questions or suggestions for/about the site, feel free to ask in the designated areas and Echo will notify me if she deems it is important to bring up to me and the mods can't reach a decision or would like my input. In the admins' absence, the other staff members will be in charged for the time being. Echo, Miu, and Ardere will be in charged from this moment on until James and I officially come back. Also, everyone who has signed up in the site has received 500 lien for attacks, etc. Thank you for your time reading this. -Aeryn D.
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RWBY News #6
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